Elite Hookahs

Elite Hookahs have combined the beauty of hookah with quality craftsmanship in developing our newest line. We pride ourselves on having the strongest smoke, biggest clouds and smoothest pull in the world.

Elite truly has the most artistic hookah designs in the industry inspired by the most exotic cultures from across the globe. Our hand-blown glass vases and stainless steel shafts are engineered to impress the most seasoned smoker. If you prefer a more modern glass-on-glass hookah, our best selling Elate collection has the style for you.

Elite hookah has been providing hookah enthusiasts around the globe with the largest variety of customizable hookahs and hookah accessories. Our solid screw on vases are interchangeable with our myriad of creative stem designs.

The biggest bonus in purchasing an Elite hookah is our five-year warranty on the shaft. We really insured the best smoke from your hookah.

Pack a bowl – Light a coal – And smoke Elite hookahs.

Stainless steel stem
Heavy zinc shaft
Hand blown glass vase

Elite hookahs are designed in the U.S.A. by master craftsmen. Our hookah professionals ensure you the highest quality smoke.

ELITE hookah hoses
Hand crafted from durable materials with decorative tips, all Elite hoses are washable.
57” – 60” in length
1. Thicker stainless steel downstem – a smoother draw
2. Rust-proof strong threaded base – quality construction
3. Easy to clean heavy zinc shaft – greater flavor
4. Modern hand-blown bases – designed with you in mind